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About TangoStride™

Our mission: "Dance to Walk"


Tho's Walking Journey

Meet Tho. He hadn't walked in 20 years since his stroke when he was just 11 years old. After one year of dancing, he took his first steps solo!



- Improve posture and confidence
- Rebuild balance and stability
- Heighten spatial awareness, proprioception and coordination
- Enhance ability to initiate and stop momentum (esp. for neurological conditions, like Parkinson's)
- Improve flexibility and range of motion in waist and torso
- Reduce stress through positive touch
- Improve neuroplasticity (the brain and body's ability to heal itself) through improvised, collaborative movement

A Unique Approach

The groundbreaking TangoStride Technique - created by Gabriela Condrea - uses music, movement and tango-inspired hugs to help even people who can barely stand "Dance to Walk".  Rather than memorizing patterns of steps, participants build the dance collaboratively. Condrea's work has been featured in The Seattle Times, the Chicago Tribune and Q13 Fox – “Dancing to Walk” by Nicole Brodeur (March & November 2016) – and UW Medicine News. The TangoStride Program is supported by the Brain Injury Alliance of WA, as well as neurologists, nurses, physical, occupational, and recreational therapists, brain injury community organizers, volunteers and more, and classes are powered by 501c3 nonprofit Hugs that Empower.



About Gabriela Condrea, M.Ed.

Gabriela Condrea’s approach to teaching tango (Tango is About the Connection™) is based on her extensive experience with body mechanics and more than 20 years of teaching. She holds a Master's in Education and is the author of the book WHEN 1+1=1: That "Impossible" Connection (2011).