TakesTwo Couples options

Takes Two: Relationships & Tango

Couples private & small group sessions

Mondays @ Phinney Neighborhood Center
6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA


Strengthen your bond through easy, tango-inspired partner games with Gabriela Condrea, author of When 1+1=1. Discover yourself and your partnership through a whole new lens!

No dance experience necessary.


In these sessions, you will explore and develop:
   - a deeper awareness of your partner and yourself
   - an elastic partnership that is flexible enough for each of you to grow
   - four-leggedness - where the ultimate goal is collaboration
   - sweet vulnerability, the beauty of giving up a little control to build together
   - trust - in yourself, your partner & your partnership
   - paint outside the lines, create together


Suggested attire:
Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are secure on your feet and allow you to spin/pivot easily.

Large Group Workshops:
Check out Gabriela's Connection through Movement Workshops for your next corporate team-building, networking or community event.


Cancellation Policy:
Please Note: Minimum non-refundable deposit of 50% required to reserve time slot. Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson will be charged in full. Prices include studio fees.


Gabriela Condrea, M.Ed. is an educator, observer, and a writer, not a counselor or psychologist. She simply offers couples another way to explore their connection, gently guiding them through a unique form of non-verbal communication she has developed inspired by her passion for tango. Discover yourself and your partnership through a whole new lens!

-- It's about the connection, WHEN 1+1=1 --