Melodies dance on keys as the bandoneón breathes a late summer evening breeze in Seattle...

6:00pm lesson, 6:30-8:30pm práctica w/ live music!
(suggested donation: $5-10)
No experience/partner needed.
All are welcome!

Join us for an Intro Tango Lesson by Gabriela Condrea (, followed by a pop-up Práctica ~ to live tango music by the Glo // Zobel Duo: Harlan Glotzer & Stuart Zobel!

* If you like, bring snacks to share :) *

Volunteer Park by the "Black Sun" statue in front of the Asian Art Museum (with plenty of parking!) NOTE: We have a "rainy day" ☔ back-up plan: If it rains, look for us in the Water Tower also at Volunteer Park. See you Sept 13th, rain or shine!  

Concrete, with a rectangle of linoleum, for your spinning pleasure! 

*Feel free to invite friends who dance & friends who don't (yet) dance. The more, the merrier!*
More tango classes, bootcamps & events by Gabriela at: